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    Shiny luck jewel coupon is bugged, when i try to combine it, i only get an error of combination.
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    Los Skill de las classes son Nivel 1

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    Class skill are always level 1. They will never be higher as they don't level.

    Lucky Gem on shop having price related error is do to the cash shop price client and server side not matching.

    Exchanger for gem at hero combination not correct is due to some RF files have them turn off and need to be turned back on.

    I'm sure the admin can answer more but as a long time player and ex developer of RF I've seen these issues a few times. Thanks!

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    Just made a Cora and i got lvl 30 plus premium but dirent recive the weapons xD
    there is no options to choose confirm xDDD


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    just made a new character for cora and got lvl 30 + premium but the confrirm options to recive your returrnee weapons does not show.


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    Being "MISS" on normal mobs is kinda annoying for non-mage/skiller. I think it's not normal.. So hard to hit Infernal Lava >.<

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    On the Accretian Race - HQ PBs do NOT drop any type of Obsidian. They only drop Crystal, and Ruby. See below.

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