Dear Novus citizens,
Estimados habitantes de Novus,

The Annihilation Server was successfully started, and the new P
atch v5 has been released !:
El servidor Annihilation ha sido levantado con éxito y el parche v5 ha sido publicado !:

Once we finish solving a couple of hardware and network issues, we will start the Welcome events. Meanwhile, you can start playing on the server. If you perceive lag or inconveniences in the server during these first hours, please let us know.
Una vez que terminemos de resolver un par de problemas de hardware y de red, comenzaremos los eventos de bienvenida. Mientras tanto, pueden comenzar a jugar en el servidor.
Si perciben lag o inconvenientes en el server durantes estas primeras horas, por favor déjenos saber.

Thank you all for participating; and do not forget: The Battle for Novus control is just beginning...
Gracias a todos por participar, y no lo olviden: La Batalla por el Control de Novus apenas comienza...

Check List:

1) The gamecp will grow with new items: No Yet
2) The Gold Cash Shop will receive a price update: Ready (Patch v5).
3) The drop of talics in PBs will be increased: Ready.
4) The drop of T3s in PBs will be balanced: Ready.
5) The drop of booty and excelsiors in the "Mobs Aces" will be adjusted positively: Ready.
6) The processing of ores+3 will get an increase of 50% for elemental talics and 25% for keen, favor, grace and mercy talics: Ready.
7) *Intense armors/weapons/shields* Lv55, Lv60 and Lv65 will be reorganized in PBs of mayor level: No Yet
8) Betatesters Reward: November, December and January (12): 10k *(10 Thousand)* GamePoints: Ready.