Rare Ores: How to process them?
It is a special booty that is processed in the NQ of HQ (Ore)
and the equation is:

- 5 Rare Ore = 1 Gem
- 5 Gem = 1 Medium Gem
- 5 Medium Gem = 1 Sparkling Gem

Each of these 3 gems can be exchanged for the boxes sold by the Gem Collector
(It is a Flem that is there next to him
sleeping all the time xD)
.sleeping all the time xD).

Like everything in RF, it's a matter of probabilities, some boxes will come out empty and others with good surprise items.

Keep in mind that every time you process ores or gems, the NPC charges you. It is not much but you must calculate well before processing those 10 stacks of rare dollars that you load days ago in the bags.