Weapon Excelsiors:

Black Excelsior: Melee Weapons
Green Excelsior: Bow Weapons
Red Excelsior: Firearm Weapons
Yellow Excelsior: Launcher Weapons
Blue Excelsior: Staff Weapons

Force Reaver Excelsiors:

Force Reaver Combination.
Basic Spell + Master Spell + Elemental Talic + Excelsior = Elite Force Reaver

White Excelsior: Holy Element Force
Brown Excelsior: Earth Element Force
Blue Excelsior: Wind Element Force

Excelsior Combining
There are 3 different kinds of excelsiors, 'A' 'B' and 'C'. They are used to combine Weapons and to craft Elite Force Reavers.
To make a complete excelsior, take the materials for one of the listed recipes below (remember the color of excelsior peices you use will produce a complete excelsior of the same color) to the Hero NPC. Using the Item Combination system, place the materials into the window and combine assuming the combining doesnt fail, you will receive one complete excelsior. Please note, a 100k fee is taken on each attempt, successfull or not.

•Gold and Silver Catalyst are sold in Tools NPC or Sundries NPC
•Combinations might fail and some materials may be destroyed.
•You pay a fee of 100k even if the combination fails.

10 excelsior pieces + 5 silver catalyst + 2 gold catalyst = GRADE A Excelsior
+ + =

15 excelsior pieces + 12 silver catalyst + 5 gold catalyst = GRADE B Excelsior
+ + =

30 excelsior pieces + 20 silver catalyst + 10 gold catalyst = GRADE C Excelsior
+ + =

Excelsior Grade

GRADE A - Used for Level 30-35 weapon / shield
GRADE B - Used for Level 40 weapon / shield
GRADE C - Used for Level 45 weapon / shield